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Business Class Anti Virus and Backup Solutions made available and affordable for Windows™ home computer users.

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In simple terms, Syncro automatically performs all those annoying, mundane but incredibly important administrative tasks that few of us regularly (if ever) get around to.

Syncro Store maintains a real-time, encrypted back-up of all your files on our secure cloud servers. Not weekly or monthly – real-time.

Outdated operating systems and antivirus definition files make your computer easy prey for hackers, scammers and other online threats. Syncro Protect keeps everything up to date automatically. It also has monitoring software that will keep an eye on important performance indicators such as memory usage, processor speeds, etc – Flagging potential issues and optimization opportunities.

So Much More Than Software

Business Class Data Protection Means Your Security & Privacy Are Assured

Your Computer's Health & Performance Are Monitored By Our IT Professionals

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Suitable for all Windows™ powered PCs and Laptops

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Leave your computer switched on and connected to the internet whilst Syncro performs it's initial scans / backups.

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